Internet Explorer 7: Update or get a new computer

January 29, 2014

Microsoft Internet Explorer causes headaches to many web developers. Our SoftwareDEMO development team also struggles with the browser’s incompatibility and sometimes strange behavior. A US based online job portal offers all customers who are bound to IE7 to adopt the costs for new hardware that enables recent web browsers.

Internet Explorer

IE causes headaches to many web developers.

It sounds like a crazy marketing gag: US-based job portal is sick of supporting IE7. Now they offered all customers who use IE7 to take over the costs of new hardware. The arguments are plausible: found out that only 1,22% of their customers use IE7. Making their website IE7 compatible is more expensive than providing all these customers with modern hardware that enables recent browsers.

SoftwareDEMO customers use old browsers too

At SoftwareDEMO we also struggle a lot with IE. For example HTML5 based login to our platform does not work at all below IE 10. Both our website and login portal have apperance issues due to IEs CSS, Java and JavaScript policies.

A short analysis of our website shows a similar problem like has: Last year 1.06% of our visitors used IE7 or less. On our system house website it’s even 1.19%.  Do we have to offer our customers new hardware too?

Good idea, hard to implement’s approach is a nice idea to enforce customers to update their browsers. But mind that their customers are job candidates who have a seizable amount of hardware. In our case it’s software vendors. So we regularly remind our customers to update their browsers frequently. Or we make them switch to browsers that support modern web technologies… – there are enough available.

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