Cloud evolution: Will the PaaS vanish?

January 30, 2014

The classic three layer concept of cloud computing has often been up for debate. The latest thesis is that borders between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS will constantly blur which results in the disappearance of PaaS. Let’s discuss this with the example of our own cloud platform SoftwareDEMO.

Cloud Layer
The classic cloud layer is under discussion.

Lucy Carey from points out that many analysts predict PaaS will merge with IaaS and SaaS and sooner or later vanish as independent cloud product. Nevertheless, there are also some others who see PaaS in a process of evolution but not to disappear. Lucy concludes that it is way too early to say goodbye to what we know as PaaS. So let’s discuss that thesis on our own product SoftwareDEMO.

Is SoftwareDEMO a PaaS?

The thesis of vanishing PaaS is not new to us. Our cloud platform SoftwareDEMO was designed as a PaaS which provides runtime environment for desktop based software. Nevertheless our service is not a full PaaS-per-definition because it is up to our customers to set up additional applications like databases or application servers. On the other hand it is also a bit of an IaaS Рwe provide servers and virtual machines to  extend SoftwareDEMO. This is because most of our customers are not willing to host their SoftwareDEMO cloud on their own neither do they want to involve third parties. In the end we are also a SaaS enabler: Software vendors that use SoftwareDEMO makes their product work in the cloud and are now able to offer SaaS to their customers.

Evolution instead of dying off

As you can see SoftwareDEMO does not really fit in the classic three layer model of cloud computing. We might see it as a result of the consolidation of Iaas and SaaS in Paas as described at But we still feel to be a PaaS provider more than every other kind of cloud product. So I believe Lucy Carey is right: The PaaS is in a state of change but far away from vanishing.

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