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How to set up a split depot in OPSI software distribution that separates public from custom files

January 30, 2012
OPSI Software Distribution
If you install OPSI packages on the OPSI server, they will be extracted to the depot directory/opt/pcbin/install. For some packages it's necessary to place customized files inside this area. In this situation, OPSI depot and packages are mixed up with private, individual files. The solution for this is a split depot which prevents custom related files from mixing up with OPSI packages. Continue reading »

QNAP NAS: configure rsyncd/rsync with extended ACL rights

December 21, 2011
NAS rsync installation
Some Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers like the QNAP-419 NAS do not support extended ACLs in their rsyncd. To fix this issue you can install a new ACL enabled rsyncd to your original one. This is a guide of how to install the new ACL enabled rsyncd. Continue reading »

How to fix routing problems with OpenVPN and DMZs

December 13, 2011
Routing problem with OpenVPN and DMZs
Using OpenVPN to connect different DMZ can cause trouble because the OpenVM is located in the same DMZ as the web server. IP packets will be sent not using the default gateway. As a result of this, the web server does not know about the VPN client network and the answer packets are blocked by the iptables based firewall. This is how you can fix this problem... Continue reading »